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 Kaua’i Rated #3 on Travel & Leisure’s List of World’s Best Islands

Kauai has been ranked #3 on Travel & Leisure’s 2014 WORLD’S BEST ISLAND. It is a huge honor and we are so pleased to share the news that the Garden Isle is being ranked one of the World’s Best Islands by Travel & Leisure again! Kaua’i is consistently ranked one of the very best islands to visit and live on in the world. Remarkable for its pristine beauty, tropical lushness, gorgeous white sand beaches, electric blue ocean water and hundreds of cascading waterfalls.

Aloha Living

It’s more than island’s legendary beauty that draws people ~ it is also the Aloha lifestyle. The Hawaiian people, perhaps especially the residents of Kauai, are some of the happiest and most welcoming people in the world. As soon as you land on the Garden Isle, you will feel it. The energy here is light and bright. The island’s Spirit of Aloha is an important contributing factor in achieving such high worldwide ranking by the prestigious Travel & Leisure.

Visitors fall in love with the island and return year after year. Many of them move here part time and ultimately retire here agreeing that it is the most beautiful island in the world. So even if its official Travel & Leisure ranking is number 3 worldwide, we think Kauai is the number one world’s best island!

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