See Kauai from the Sky!

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Aerial views of lush landscape, the jutting Na Pali coast, and Waimea Canyon are not only breathtaking, but a unique way to view parts of Kauai inaccessible by car. Soar through the sky in an airplane, or get closer in a helicopter. However you want to see Kauai, tours are available. Experienced pilots will guide you through a stunning tour of the island, showcasing the beauty and pristine landscape that give Kauai her nickname as The Garden Isle.

We recommend wearing dark clothing to minimize the reflection on the window, allowing you better viewing. Most planes and helicopters are climate controlled, so you can dress comfortably. Also, do not wear a hat around a helicopter. If you get motion sickness easily, prepare ahead of time and speak with your physician for the best recommended preventions. Modern helicopters and planes are smooth and take wide, slow turns… these tours are for your enjoyment and not meant to be a roller coaster ride.  Many companies film your trip which you can purchase separately as a fun memento. No matter which route you take, make sure you book your flight in advance of your trip to ensure you get a great time to fit into your vacation. This also ensures that if bad weather prevents your trip, you can reschedule before the end of your vacation.

Helicopter tours can be a fun an exciting way to see the island. Seating is based on the FAA recommended weight distribution, but most companies try their best to seat couples and families next to each other. Passengers weighing 250lbs or more will be required to purchase two seats.

Airplane tours are a bit roomier and more comfortable than helicopter tours. There is no middle seat, so everyone has a window view, alleviating the neck stretching if you get a middle seat in a helicopter ride. Airplane tours are great for everyone because anyone up to 350lbs can fly for the same price.

Possibly the most unique way to see Kauai is through the only open cockpit Bi-plane ride on Kauai called Air Ventures Red Baron and operated by Air Ventures Hawaii. You can experience aerial views of the entire island in an open cockpit, with the pilot in the back and two passengers sitting side by side in the front. Air Ventures Red Baron provides nostalgic cloth helmets and goggles, along with modern two-way communication with your pilot, The Red Baron. Find out pricing and availability for the Bi-plane tour here.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours are highly reviewed on Trip Advisor. They offer several types of tours, including charted rides. Their ECO Adventure tour includes flights through several canyons and to “Jurassic Park Falls”, where they filmed part of the famous films. The trip is led by an experienced and knowledgeable pilot who will fly you safely around the island, answer any of your questions, and guide you through the various sights mapped out on your trip. Blue Hawaiian is available on several of the Hawaiian Islands and more information on their various trips can be found here.

Helicopters can also be chartered for hikers looking to get to part of the island inaccessible by vehicle. Chartered flights are great if you have limited time on the island, or are planning on island hopping during your vacation to the islands. We recommend a thorough review of the company you choose prior to booking to ensure you select the best option for your needs.