SCUBA Dive in Kauai while on your Princeville Vacation

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Discover the wonders of the sea on your dream Princeville vacation. SCUBA diving is a fun and adventurous way to explore a different world, where tropical fish glide in and around the beautiful reef system. Whether you are an experienced diver or brand new to the sport, Kauai makes an ideal year round location to explore the depths of the ocean.

If you are brand new to diving, but know you want to dive on your Princeville vacation, you can take a PADI certification course prior to your vacation. PADI offers dive certifications all over the US with options for eLearning as well. You can become knowledgeable and comfortable with diving so your dives in Kauai are fun and completely stress free. PADI also offers continuing certifications and specialty certifications for experienced divers.

Dive centers in Kauai offer multiple options to ensure you have a great time SCUBA diving in the beautiful waters of Kauai. With options for both new and experienced divers, you can tailor your experience to include one or two dives to get the most out of your SCUBA diving experience in Kauai.

Fathom Five Ocean Quest

Rated as #1 Kauai dive shop by The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook five editions in a row, Fathom Five is an experienced dive shop offering multiple dive options for all divers. With a range of dive spots and options for one or two dives, Fathom Five offers great dives around the island. Check out their website above and inquire before your Princeville vacation to ensure you book a great time for your trip!

Seasport Divers

With fantastic reviews on trip advisor, Seasport Divers is professional and provides a safe and fun diving experience for all levels of divers. Seasport Divers has several packages available to choose from, whether you want a shore dive, boat dive, or a dive for advanced SCUBA divers. A link to their website is provided above, where you can research the available packages and find frequently asked questions.

A Bit of Information and Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Check with your doctor ahead of time to ensure you are healthy and fit for SCUBA diving. Pre-existing conditions like ear infections, lung or heart issues can present issues if you SCUBA dive, so make sure you are healthy and cleared by your doctor.
  • The more you put into your certification, the safer you will be in the water and ultimately, more fun you can have diving. Pay attention, retain information, and practice all safety measures for diving.
  • Flying can cause dehydration, which can contribute to DCS. Ascending in a plane is the same principle as ascending from your dive…when you ascend too quickly you can present with symptoms, which need to be addressed right away. When planning your SCUBA trip, you want to make sure that the activities around that trip do not take you to extremely high elevations. More information on flying can be found here, but you should do plenty of research and seek the advice of professionals to ensure you have fun and stay safe.
  • DAN is the Divers Alert Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to research and prevention of injuries. Their website has tons of great information.
  • Relax and have fun! SCUBA diving is a wonderful experience and allows you to fully immerse yourself in a world of wonder. Enjoy your diving experience!

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