Romance in Kauai

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Aloha. Lush forests and magnificent beaches make the island of Kauai intoxicating. Every turn brings new romantic adventures that create lifelong memories for you and your loved one to share. From private vacation rentals, to world class food and adventure around every corner, Kauai exudes romance in every aspect of her island.

Kauai is the perfect island for a destination wedding, romantic honeymoon, or a special getaway to reignite the flame. Breathtaking scenery provides the perfect backdrop to your special day, while spas and salons offer you a chance to relax and pamper yourself before your big day. With world-renown food, fantastic photographers, and the island spirit, your wedding day will ignite romance for you and partner to enjoy.

If you’re up for exploring the island, dive into the top 5 most romantic spots on the island. Locals affirm that some of the most romantic views of Kauai are not necessarily seen from on the island, but actually from the sky. Take an enthralling helicopter ride and see parts of the island only accessible from the sky above. The thrills of Kauai will take you to new heights, where you can re-discover the island from a different perspective. Tour Waialeale Crater, Na Pali Coast and Waimea Canyon and share once-in-a-lifetime experience together.

Discover gorgeous Hanalei Bay, where the inviting water is sparkling blue green. Walk hand-in-hand for a colorful morning sunrise or sunset and marvel at the effortless beauty of life on Kauai. Strolls through charming old towns exude the old Hawaiian spirit and offer a glimpse into the past. Take surfing lessons together and discover the playful side of the ocean.

Polihale Beach will invigorate your adventurous spirit and give you the feeling of being the only ones on the island. The ride getting there is just as exciting as this exclusively romantic beach, featuring soft foamy waves, spectacular views and mesmerizing sunsets. Your inner teenage spirit will release on this wildly romantic beach.

Arguably the most romantic destination on Kauai, the north shore’s Princeville offers couples and ideal vacation. With spacious vacation rentals in private settings, you can enjoy your time together and renew the romantic spark in your relationship. Princeville offers spectacular spas where you can relax with a couples massage right on the beach. Indulge in spectacular food, bubbly champagne and luscious desserts. Aromatic flowers, brilliant scenery and the soft sound of the ocean will lull you into a new romance with the island as well.

Take to the ocean with a romantic sunset dinner cruise along the Kauai coast and experience unique sunsets that envelop the Pacific and cascade over Kauai’s diverse coastline. The mystic waters will share a different side of Kauai and set the mood for the rest of your vacation together.

Kauai’s mysterious tropical paradise island holds romantic secrets around every corner. Discover new adventures filled with surprise waterfalls, luscious flora, miles of white sand and warm inviting waters. Indulge in romantic spa treatments that will take the stress out of your body and replace it with a new found energy and rejuvenation for life. Explore our various vacation rentals to find the perfect secluded getaway for you and your special someone.

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