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Enjoy The Beautiful “Winter” Weather From the Balcony of Your Kauai Vacation Rental!

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Throughout the year, the bountiful beaches of the emerald island of Kauai experience a wide range of surf conditions. Virtually any time of year, at least one beach on Kauai will have fun, even gigantic waves, while another stretch of sand will ease you into calm waters, perfect for beginners and water activities such as snorkeling. Summer months, filled with storms in the Southern Hemisphere, bring high surf to Kauai’s South and East shores, allowing for more serene beaches on the North and West shores. Conversely, during winter, large waves created by storms in the Northern Hemisphere hit Kauai’s North shore, wrapping down and around to the West shore. With higher winter surf in the North, the West, and even in the East, Kauai’s South shore offers the most protected beaches. No matter what time of year, you will enjoy the weather and relaxation Kauai offers. Book your Kauai vacation rental today!

Winter storms and trade winds work with the dynamic conditions of the Pacific Ocean, including tides and topography, to produce substantial, sometimes dangerously high swells on Kauai’s North Shore. You will want to check the conditions before you go out, as the weather and swell conditions can change rather quickly. If you decide to go surfing in the extremely large waves of Kauai’s winter, make sure to go with a friend, and be prepared to swim. If you are not a strong swimmer, and if you are not an experienced surfer, you may want to head to the South shore, or at least wait for a calm day, the winter season.

Princeville Vacations is proud to guide you to the best beaches around the area, as well as help you book your Kauai vacation rental today! Remember that you will need to be extra careful in unfamiliar waters. Many of the best surfing beaches on Kauai may not have a lifeguard or other amenities immediately available. Come to the beach prepared, with food and fresh water for between sessions, along with any towels or extra clothing you may need when you get out of the water. These items are often best kept hidden in your car, to be safe from animals and other passersby. Watch the local surfers carefully to see how and where they are surfing. If locals are not willing to surf somewhere, they most likely have good reasons for avoiding a particular stretch of beach, such as a rip tide. That being said, a local can make a surf spot look easy to handle, because they are familiar with the usual conditions of the beach and how a particular wave may move, while you may experience trouble in the same spot. Think about staying a little closer to the shore, or surfing on a smaller wave nearby the main break until you are more comfortable and can prove your surfing ability. Wherever you decide to paddle out, be aware of the other people in the water. Waves, and surfers, can move very fast, sometimes quite unexpectedly. If you know where nearby surfers are located in the water, you can more easily and quickly know where to stay, or move, to be out of the way. You are likely to find an assortment of numerous local surfers and visitors in the water with you. For the best surfing experience, be respectful of other surfers, especially the locals, and remember to share the waves.

In winter, Kauai’s North shore provides dramatic waves in a magnificent setting. If you have the opportunity to surf these immense waves, ask one of your friends to photograph or film your Hawaiian surf session. If you don’t have a friend to film you, or if you want a more personal record or your waves, you may also want to look into a water proof, mountable camera, such as a GoPro.

Looking for a good surf spot? Experienced surfers will want to spend a day riding the curl at Hanalei Bay. Hanalei Pier tends to offer more gently rolling waves, suitable for beginners. Visit wannasurf.com for a list of surf spots around Kauai, with recommendations for high surf frequency locations and experience level. Keep in mind that different people may refer to the same beach or surf break using different names. If you are respectful of the community and take the time to make some local friends, you may have the opportunity to surf a secret beach and catch some amazing, less crowded waves.