Princeville Kauai Beaches Perfect Setting For Latest Sports Illustrated Swim Photo Shoot

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Sports Illustrated Shooting on Princeville Kauai Beaches

Fashion shoots and Hollywood film making are not uncommon on Princeville Kauai Beaches. This might be one reason the North shore of Kauai is the best vacation destination in Hawaii! Princeville beaches were the place to be recently when the crew from Sports Illustrated visited Kauai.

There was plenty of laughter on set during the recent shooting for upcoming SI swimsuit Edition featuring Emily Ratajkowski. Emily was shot by famed photographer Yu Tsai. There were no limits to the fun with dancing, laughing and tomfoolery. Yu Tsai and Emily are enjoying the beauty of Kauai in this outtakes reel.

Kauai’s Lush Tropical North Shore


Inspired by the lush green foliage of Kauai, Emily and Yu Tsai opted to do a shot with only a philodendron instead of a swimsuit. We are pretty sure that one won’t make the cover! From being shot covered by just a leaf (with Yu Tsai yelling “Yes, love, love, yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!” in the background) to having five people primp her at one time, you’ll laugh along with these happy vacationers on the beautiful shores of Kauai, Hawaii.