Non-Stop Flights to Kauai

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More Non-Stop Flights from US Mainland Cities to LIH(Lihue) Kauai

Alaska Airlines Flies Non Stop to Lihue Kauai from several major US mainland cities.

Alaska Airlines Flies Non Stop to Lihue Kauai from several major US mainland cities.

More Non-Stop Flights to Kauai by multiple airlines is very good new for the consumer.  More flights means more competition.  We are already seeing this in discounted flights and seasonal specials. There will be more Hawaii airline deals no doubt in the months to come. There have still rumors that Southwest Hawaii will be adding service to Hawaii. We’ll have to wait and see.  Alaska Airlines also flies non-stop to Kauai, the Garden Isle, from Oakland, Portland, Seattle, San Jose, San Francisco and now San Diego!

Hawaiian Airlines has expanded its Hawaii flights to include non-stop service from the US mainland to Kauai.  They are currently running flights seasonally.  The size of the runway at Lihue airport has been a challenge for airlines.  Hawaiian will be able to provide service to Kauai’s Lihue (LIH) airport using their new Airbus 321neo planes.  We look forward to see the new Airbus 321neo routes announced!  In the meantime, here is a curent list of Direct, Non-Stop flights to Kaua’i from cities on the US mainland.  Flights are subject to change.

Domestic non stop flights from Lihue may fly to:

• DEN – Denver, Colorado – United
• HNL – Honolulu, Hawaii – United, Island Air Hawaii, Mesa Airlines, Hawaiian
• LAX – Los Angeles, California – Delta, United, American
• OAK – Oakland, California – Alaska Airlines
• OGG – Kahului, Hawaii – Hawaiian
• PDX – Portland, Oregon – Alaska Airlines
• PHX – Phoenix, Arizona – US Airways
• SAN – San Diego, California – Alaska Airlines
• SEA – Seattle, Washington – Alaska Airlines
• SFO – San Francisco, California – United
• SJC – San Jose, California – Alaska Airlines

International non stop flights from Lihue may fly to:

• YVR – Vancouver, Canada – Westjet
There are also Direct Flights available to LIH (Lihue) Kauai for many, many more cities. Remember that Direct flights stop but there is no plane change; while Non-Stop is just that, no stops.