Kauai vs Hawaii Island

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A bit about the Big Island:

Boasting extreme biodiversity, the Big Island features volcanic deserts, lush rain forest, snow-capped mountain tops and green, black and white sand beaches. With a wide array of activities, food, shopping, and culture, the Big Island definitely lives up to its name. Home to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the Big Island has one of the most active volcanoes on earth, so make sure you check the activity levels before you book your trip.


  • 2011 Hawaii tourism data states that 1,317,404 travelers visited Hawaii Island compared with Kauai’s 1,015,264 visitors. While Hawaii Island did see more visitors, it is not significantly more than Kauai.
  • The nickname of Hawaii Island is “The Big Island”.
  • With 185,079 residents and a total land area of 4,028 square miles, Hawaii Island lives up to its nickname as the Big Island. Both Kauai’s population and total area are much smaller, at 66,921 residents and total area of 552.3 square miles.


Because of the high biodiversity on both islands, Kauai as well as Hawaii has very similar temperatures year round, although Kauai’s temperatures are slightly warmer during the peak season summer months. Hilo is the wettest city in the United States, receiving around 130 inches of rain per year. On the other hand, Mount Wailea on Kauai is the second wettest spot on earth, receiving more than 460 inches of annual rainfall.

Hawaii Kauai
January Hi: 79Low: 64 Hi: 78Low: 65
February Hi: 79Low: 64 Hi: 78Low: 66
March Hi: 79Low: 65 Hi: 78Low: 67
April Hi: 79Low: 66 Hi: 79Low: 69
May Hi: 81Low: 67 Hi: 81Low: 70
June Hi: 82Low: 68 Hi: 83Low: 73
July Hi: 82Low: 69 Hi: 84Low: 74
August Hi: 83Low: 69 Hi: 85Low: 74
September Hi: 83Low: 69 Hi: 85Low: 74
October Hi: 83Low: 68 Hi: 84Low: 73
November Hi: 81Low: 67 Hi: 81Low: 71
December Hi: 80Low: 65 Hi: 79Low: 68


Hawaii Island Fun Facts:

  • The Big Island has Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, which is home to one of the most active volcanoes in the world, Kilauea Volcano.
  • Kailua Village is a historic and cultural epicenter in the heart of Kona.
  • Hilo is home to off-the-beaten-path shopping and restaurants, botanical gardens, and waterfalls.

Kauai is one of the most diverse and unique island on the planet, with many fun and interesting facts.  Some include Kauai maintains the only navigable rivers in the entire Hawaiian Islands. Kauai has more miles of beach per coastline than any other island. Kauai has more hiking trails than any other island. Our blog called Fun Facts on Kauai will showcase other facts as well as frequently asked questions about Kauai.

While both islands feature beautiful topography, a wide range of biodiversity, and fantastic attractions, Kauai’s beautiful beaches, rivers, hiking trails and more make it the perfect setting for an outdoor adventure in paradise. Snorkeling, surfing, delicious food and relaxing spas are just a few of the fun activities you can expect when travelling to Kauai.

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