Incredible 3 Minute Kauai Vacation

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Incredible 3 Minute Kauai Vacation

Snorkeling, surfing and diving Vacation on the North Shore of Kauai

Kauai vacation enthusiasts should love local Princeville Kauai conservationist Terry Lilley. Terry produced this incredible video that is like a 3 minute Kauai vacation. It is an incredible celebration of our beautiful sea! Through it you will experience snorkeling, surfing and diving action on the North Shore of Kauai, Hawaii. You will see rare corals, fish and our beloved honu (Hawaiian sea turtle.)

Terry and others are working diligently to preserve our beautiful coral reefs and wildlife that make vacationing on the North shore of Kauai so special. Through their pictures and video, they bring attention to our rare natural treasures that need to be cherished and preserved. Thanks to their hard work and the work of many who came before them, the North shore of Kauai remains one of the most pristine, beautiful and undeveloped vacation paradises in the world. This is what makes a Kauai vacation the most memorable in a lifetime of trips.

Celebrate the Sea

This Sunday at the Art and Soul Gallery in Hanalei, Hawaii, Terry Lilley and other ocean lovers will be hosting a Celebrate the Sea event. See our events for more information. The event will showcase videos by Terry and other local conservationists. Terry has over 10,000 dives off Kauai’s North shore and has incredible footage of our reefs and sea life.

Kauai Vacation

If you are visiting the beautiful Garden Island this week, lucky you! Be sure to stop in to say “Aloha!” We would love to see you! If you aren’t lucky enough to be here on a Kauai vacation for this special event, please sit back, relax and enjoy this incredible 3 minute celebration of the sea on the North shore of Kauai, Hawaii. It is as close to being here as you can get without getting wet!