Kauai Vacation Rentals a Welcomed Change

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It would be a much welcomed change to be elsewhere right now.

Hidden beneath a barricade of protective winter clothing – long underwear, hooded snowsuit, scarf, thermal cap, boots, socks and gloves – the most daunting, literal bone chilling task awaits: shoveling away mound after mound of snow.

The grinding thrush of speeding snow plows has become an alarm clock. Days start not with coffee and a warm filling meal, but with donning all appropriate gear in preparation to excavate your driveway. Winter storms have reduced you to a life of reclusion – not always by choice, so fed up you regret looking out windows. Never mind actually leaving home! Yet you have a daily job to attend, as possibly does your spouse. Children must be taken to school.

The shovel rests on a wall neighboring your hibernating golf clubs, each tucked snuggly in their individual covers. You run your hand across the soft leather bag as if smoothing the hair on a pet lion; inside you are roaring with anxiety. After grabbing the shovel you assume familiar stance, angling your body as if to tee off. A practice swing ensues. With eyes closed, imagining the white ball soaring above the fairway raises a smile on your scarf-covered lips. Opening your eyes realizes winter remains more than a month from seceding its frozen punishments to a more forgiving spring – the season of golfers. A vacation, an exotic getaway is the snowless alternative you desire to get swinging.

Princeville, Hawaii would be ideal. Its comfortably warm 80 degree weather with bright blue cloudless skies is perfect for golfing at Makai Golf Club. Their St. Regis Princeville Resort location hosts the recently redesigned par 72 course surrounded by natural beauty as far as the eye can see – 7,200 yards to be challenged and cherished. Evenly playable Seashore Paspalum turf provides foundation on all fairways and greens, more appealing than the slush and ice preventing teeing off back home.

Admit, you would much rather play through 213 yards of gorgeous green accented by alluring curvaceous cliffs, breath-taking mountain views and the sparkling Pacific Ocean than pretend your shovel is an iron while your toes freeze inside you boots. At Makai trade your snowsuit for Greg Norman and Nike apparel found in the gift shop, then hit popular 9-hole Woods Course in relaxed leisurely style.

No waking to snow plows grinding chunks from the pavement, but to the whisper of the ocean speaking seductively through lightly crashing waves. Resting quietly in a spacious and luxurious Princeville-Vacations.com private property, the Pacific will entice you to the window. You’ll look out, anxiously anticipating your next course outing. Like your snowed-in home, you will not want to leave.

It would be a much welcomed change right now.