North Shore Kauai Restaurants

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Places to eat!

There are many dining opportunities near our Kauai vacation rentals, ranging from family restaurants to fine dining.

Hawaii is know for its great fresh fish, so while you’re on Kauai we recommend sampling our most popular big game: Ono (Wahoo), Mahi Mahi (Durado) and Ahi (yellow fin). Other great choices are Opa and Monchung.

Princeville Restaurants

Located in Princeville Resort, you could walk to these restaurants, but we do recommend driving.

  • Bali Hai Restaurant: An expensive open air restaurant serving Pacific Rim cuisine that is worth the price if you are in the mood for a nice meal. The view is spectacular, overlooking Hanalei Bay . If you can, make a reservation around dusk to witness one of the most impressive sunsets you will ever see. There is also a bar and cocktail lounge that is less expensive, where you can order food and see the same sunset. Ph: (808) 826-6522
  • Cafe Hanalei: Guests can enjoy innovative menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. Sit on the terrace and enjoy the same views as the Bali Hai Restaurant, but from a different perspective. During lunch, you can watch the surfers at the world famous surf break, Hanalei Bay. Ph: (800) 826-4400
  • Paradise Bar & Grill: Located in the Princeville Shopping Center. This family restaurant serves good food. You can get Hawaii’s famous fish served at other more expensive establishments without breaking your wallet. Ph: (808) 826-1775

Hanalei Restaurants

Hanalei is just down the hill from Princeville Resort. Expect to drive 5 to 10 minutes from your vacation rental to reach these restaurants.

  • Baracuda: This is one of our favorites. You can order fresh ocean fish, the best steak on Kauai, daily specials, local produce and a full bar. The restaurant features outdoor courtyard seating overlooking Hanalei’s lush green taro fields and tasteful live music in the evening. Ahi spring rolls, potato-crusted mahimahi (dolphin fish) and Kilauea-goat-cheese salad are great choices. Save room for the blackberry cheesecake! Ph: (808) 826-7081
  • Zelo’s: serving lunch, dinner, the food is fresh, the portions are large and the service is island friendly. The fish and chips are a good choice, made from Ono, one of Hawaii’s great fish. Ph: (808) 826-9700
  • Hanalei Dolphin: An expensive restaurant serving fresh fish in a variety of styles. The atmosphere is nice. If you’re feeling brave, try the seared ahi (raw fish seared on the outside). They also have a fish market, so you can take some of that great fish back to your vacation rental to cook on your own. Ph: (808) 826-6113
  • Tropical Taco: Great place for lunch that’s affordable for the entire family. We recommend the fish tacos. Ph: (808) 827-8226
  • Bubba’s: Good hamburgers and a great place to eat lunch with the family. Bubba’s sits right in the heart of Hanalei so you can take it all in while you’re eating. Other menu items include fish burgers chili fries and a decent chicken caesar salad. Ph: (808) 826-7839