Kauai Remembered: Photos, Fun, Memories!

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Complete your dream vacation with memorable photographs to share with friends and family for a lifetime. Kauai boasts gorgeous scenery from tropical forests, to mountain tops, beaches, pastures, and more! Capture your memories with breathtaking views from around the island.

Tips on how to capture amazing vacation photographs:

1) Get off the beaten path: Take an adventure and find new and exciting places to photograph. Ask a local where the best hidden sunsets are or where the best place on the island is to capture a sunrise. Going straight to the locals will ensure you avoid tourist spots and you can find hidden gems around the island.

2) Grab a waterproof camera and hit the ocean: Nothing is as cute as a photograph of your kids snorkeling or surfing for the first time from underwater. These cameras can take great photos and get you up close and in the action.

3) Don’t forget your chargers and memory cards: Memory cards are inexpensive compared to memories…bring extra so you can take tons of pictures without worrying about filling up your memory card. Bringing a disposable camera with you as well is a good idea if you end up on an adventure tour.

4) Keep your subjects close: The scenery is absolutely beautiful, but in the end, you want to be able to recognize your family members’ faces so make sure you keep your subjects close and in focus…the scenery is an added bonus!

5) Shoot in high resolution: Check your camera’s settings to make sure you are shooting in a high resolution…usually the default setting is the middle of the road. You don’t want your photos looking pixelated or out of focus, so checking the setting ahead of time will leave you with the best photos at the highest quality possible.

6) Don’t delete pictures: Ever! You may accidentally delete a great photo or miss a hidden gem within a photo you thought was trash. Wait until the excitement of the moment is over and you have had a chance to enlarge the photos on your computer screen before you delete a photo.

7) Keep Shooting: 1, 2, 3 cheese is not the best route to capture the moment. Check the shutter speed of your camera and make sure you are able to take multiple photos in a row. I like the action setting, especially when photographing wild life, because the shutter speed is extremely fast and I can capture multiple photos rapidly. Catch the moments between the choreographed smiles…those can be the best shots.

8) Have fun: Stressing out over capturing the best photos is not the best way to enjoy your vacation. Bring your camera and take lots of pictures. Looking through them is half the fun!
If you are a photo hobbyist, a photo tour may be the perfect adventure for you. Visiting multiple locations with a local photographer can be a fun and exciting way to pursue your hobby and capture the memories.
A portrait tour is another route…let a professional photographer capture you and your family on your dream vacation and create family photographs that are unique, memorable, and breathtaking.
Researching local photographers can be intimidating…we recommend checking out pricing and reviews ahead of time if you are slightly interested in pursuing a tour. Websites like TripAdvisor.com offer reviews from other vacationers and can steer you in the right direction. You can also give us a call for personal recommendations of our favorite activities here on the island. 800-800-3637