Holidays in Hawaii

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Hawaiian Airlines Celebrates the Holidays in Hawaii

In celebration of the 2014 holiday season, Hawaiian Airlines produced an amazing compilation of time-lapse video from all of the major Hawaiian Islands, including our favorite, Kauai.

Aloha! Come Celebrate the Holidays in Hawaii!

We just loved this holidays in Hawaii video from Hawaiian Airlines. You’ll see video from all of the islands with some really wonderful footage of Kauai.  The time-lapse effect draws you in and allows you to ‘take a visit’ for just a few minutes while enjoying festive holiday bells. We love that even though the music is traditional, it is also Hawaiian.  Carol of the Bells performed by Kalei Gamiao. So beautiful! Mahalo Kalei!

If you are missing Hawaii this holiday or just dreaming of your next visit, this is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in our beautiful Hawaii.

Send your friends & family around the world on a quick trip through the islands with this time-lapse video… Aloha!