Hawaiian Ukulele Happy Holidays

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Hawaiian Ukulele ~ Happy Holidays from the Garden Isle!

Girls playing hawaiian ukulele happy holidays music on the Beach in Kauai.

Hawaiian Holiday celebrations include ukulele music, beach, ocean and a whole lot of Aloha from Princeville Vacations!

It’s Always a Holiday in Kauai

Hawaiian Ukulele ~ Happy Holidays from Kauai, the Garden Island!

It is always a holiday on the Island of Kauai.  The island has so many visitors celebrating their special moments, every single day!  You’ll always see honeymooners walking hand in hand on the beaches and playing in the waves on the Kauai’s North Shore.  You will see happy families enjoying the trip of a lifetime, while laughing and playing in the sand and the surf.  You see joy and wonder on the faces of the visitors on vacation on the Garden Isle.  You also see the joy in the faces of the locals!  Kauai is an amazing place.  People feel happier here.  The tension and worries of the mainland seem to fall away when you step on to our lush green welcoming island.  When you spend time on the North Shore of Kauai, it is like an Hawaiian Holiday.  Especially at this time of year!  Kauai is the perfect setting for this holiday celebration with ukulele music.

Hawaiian Ukulele Happy Holidays Video

We just love this new Holiday video from the The Ukulele Site by Hawaii Music Supply.  We love the feeling of celebration they capture.  The ukulele is the Hawaiian local favorite instrument.  Hearing the sound of the ukulele brings you back to the Islands of Hawaii.  Enjoy this Hawaiian Ukulele and Happy Holidays!!

Learn to Play the Ukulele!

The Ukulele Site got permission to use this classic tune by Ka’au Crater Boys “Tropical Hawaiian Day.” The Ukulele Site even helps you to learn how to play along!  It isn’t too difficult and you’ll be playing along in no time.  They provide a step by step tutorial on how to play it.  The Ukulele Site also makes available a PDF of the sheet music (Tab & Notation) download.

Aloha & Happy Holidays from your friends in Hawaii!

Come Visit Kauai!