Fishing in Kauai!

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If you are an avid fisherman looking for a Deep Sea Adventure, we highly suggest trying a deep sea fishing tour. Like any fishing trip, you can have great luck finding big fish, or have a great time fishing. We suggest looking into various companies ahead of time and booking your fishing adventure prior to your vacation, to ensure you get to go fishing with your top choice company!

How to prepare for your fishing adventure:

1-Bring sunglasses: Sunglasses will enhance the natural colors around you, keep your eyes protected from the wind and relaxed from the sun. Polarized glasses are the best type for viewing the natural beauty of the ocean and clearly seeing the fish.

2- Don’t forget your hat: While a wide brim hat will work best to keep the sun off of your face and neck, a tight-fitting hat is important for the ocean breeze. Most boats won’t stop for a lost hat on the ocean.

3-Waterproof and strong sunscreen: SPF 45 and waterproof sunscreen is a must! The tropical sun is deceiving and the ocean water reflects that sun back up, so you will want to apply and re-apply while you are out. With the ocean breeze, you may feel cool, but you can still burn easily, so keep this in mind.

4-Shoes: You are going to want to wear sturdy shoes that are okay getting wet. Walking along the deck with flip flops will not only be difficult, but can be dangerous as well. Closed toe sturdy shoes will ensure you have a good experience while fishing.

5-Jacket: While the weather is generally nice, a light jacket that is waterproof is good to pack so you are prepared. While at sea, the weather can change briskly… better safe than sorry.

6-A light snack: Water and juice may be provided on board, but a light snack is great to pack, especially if you decide to extend your trip. The sun, heat, and ocean can make you unexpectedly hungry, so a power bar or fruit is perfect to provide you energy for your trip.

7-Seasickness: You are on the ocean so if you get sea sick or think you may have some reaction to the motion in the ocean, be prepared. Dehydration can exacerbate sea sickness, so avoid drinking excessively the day before. Also, it is best to avoid coffee and soda as they dehydrate the body as well. Eat a light breakfast and drink tons of water. There are many remedies to avoid sea sickness so check ahead of time. Just beware: many motion sickness medications also have a side effect that causes drowsiness. Local remedies include ginger root, but make sure you consult a physician to select the best remedy for you.

8-Last Details: Check with the company you use to see if you should bring a cooler for your catch. Also, make sure you let the company know of any important details that pertain to your trip like medical conditions, allergies, etc. The more upfront you are the better service you will receive on your trip!

Give us a call or email us if you have questions about where to book your deep sea fishing trip, as well as any other questions about places to stay, eat, snorkel, etc. Check out our other blogs for fun adventures in Kauai and most importantly, have a fantastic trip!