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Farmer’s Markets Popular on Kauai’s North Shore

Another Fun Thing to Do When Visiting Princeville

Princeville Hawaii and the surrounding North Shore is loaded with wonderful Farmer’s Markets. Kauai Hawaii is all about clean, healthy living and that starts with fresh air and healthy organic food. Locals and visitors flock to our local Farmers Markets and the popularity is on the rise. We highly recommend hitting a Farmer’s Market or two during your stay on Kauai. Importing food is expensive so its great to buy as much of the local offerings as you can.

Each individual Farmer’s Market has its own personality. Most cater more to the experience, offering fresh cut samples, organic local produce and cool locally-made arts and crafts. You can even watch as a coconut is fresh chopped before you and enjoy the best tasting coconut water you can imagine.

Farmers Market Backpack from Betabrand

Local Farmer’s Markets Listings Tuesday ~ Waipa (Hanalei)


Start Time: 2pm

Location: Waipa Ahupuaa Field

Our favorite farmer’s market setting – you’ll enjoy the ambiance!

Get here early and ready to shop!  Consumers must wait until the actual start time to begin buying so there is a rush for some of the popular vendors, especially Organic Produce vendors.  About 50%-75% of the farmers usually have Organic Produce.  Run by people who sell the flowers at the entrance, so no other flowers sold there.  Non-food items sold here occasionally as well, such as handmade jewelry made out of materials from nature (shells, seeds, etc.). Wednesday ~ Kapaa

Start Time: 3pm

Location: Kapaa New Town Ball Park Parking Lot by Bypass Road

This Farmer’s Market is a good one to hit. It’s larger than most of the others and it gets a good turnout.  You have to look, but you can usually find Organic Produce and there is almost always someone selling fresh cut coconuts and much more! Thursday ~ Kilauea

Start Time: 4:30pm

Location: Kilauea Neighborhood Center Ball Park / Gym Parking Lot (Keneke (off Kilauea (Lighthouse) Road))

Sunshine Market Farmer’s Market

Fun outing idea would be to combine a trip to the Kilauea Lighthouse with a stop at the Thursday afternoon Kilauea Farmer’s Market. First-time visitors might be surprised by the sudden start to this Farmer’s Market. Everyone will browse around the different stands seeing what’s being offered for sale. Then, just at 4:30pm, there will be a shout from the market organizer and/or a horn will be sounded and suddenly everyone is stuffing produce into bags and exchanging money!

There are usually not large number of farmers. However if you are looking for Organic, this is the most likely of the Sunshine Market Farmer’s Markets to find Organic Produce.  Depending on the week, between 25%-75% of the farmers will have Organic Produce.


Saturday is THE day for Farmers Markets on Kauai’s North Shore ~ Hanalei & Kilauea! Saturday ~ Hanalei

Start Time: 9:30am

Location: Hanalei Neighborhood Center & Ballpark (Off the Main Highway, just past the Post Office)

Hanalei Farmer’s Market is easily the most popular and best attended Farmer’s Market on the North Shore.  It has lately surpassed the popularity of the Kilauea Farmer’s Market, which had been the most popular.  It is attended by locals as well as visitors vacationing on Kauai’s North Shore. There is a great selection with a lot of farmers selling.  More and more of the farmers are selling Organic – more than half of them (50%-80%) are selling Organic Produce.  Get there early though if you are shopping for Organic Produce because there are a lot of people who are looking specifically for that, so there can be competition to get it. Organic Lettuce is an example of a hot commodity that goes fast so stay on your toes!

Produce, Fish, Baked Goods, Flowers, Gifts & More!

You’ll find more than produce at the Saturday Farmer’s Market in Hanalei.  You may also find condiments, health and beauty products (many organic) and lots of arts and crafts vendors.  There is even our local salsa guy who has his own recipes that are YUM!  If you are visiting and want to bring home gifts to loved ones, this could be a good place to pick up some authentic, quality remembrances of Kauai, the Garden Isle.  You will often find Fish & Baked Goods available from several of the regular produce vendors.  You can pick up some gorgeous fresh cut flowers or even an Orchid! Have you noticed orchids growing in the crooks of trees all over the island? Here is a great place to get one for yourself.

The entire shopping area is roped off until the 9:30am start time – no open browsing is allowed before then. This gives the farmers and vendors time to set up and even trade with each other.

There is plenty of parking.  Please observe the entrance/exit signs and watch for the parking guides. Saturday ~ Kalauea

Start Time: 11:30am

Location: Field by Post Office (Keneke Street (off Kilauea “Lighthouse” Road))

The Kilauea Farmer’s Market was the most popular of the week until the Saturday Hanalei Market started to give it a run for its money.  It is now running a strong second and should not be missed!  Kauai locals as well as vacationers are always in attendance.   There is a festival atmosphere with people walking and riding bikes to and from the market.

If you like garage sales keep your eyes open; there are usually a few garage sales along the route to the market from the highway.  You will also pass local stands offering locally grown produce, fresh flowers, lei’s, crystals, jewelry and more.  And be sure to head out to the lighthouse while you are there. It is a great place to take pictures!

Open browsing is allowed before the selling start but there are no purchases allowed until the 11:30am start time.

Parking: There is plenty of parking.  Take note, the field (and especially the parking area) will get muddy if there has been recent rain.  Dress accordingly and have fun!