Big Surf Day in Princeville, Hawaii

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Big Surf Day in Princeville, Hawaii

Princeville-Vacations.St.Regis.Lookout.crowd Princeville-Vacations.St.Regis.Lookout.Jan2015

Today has been one of those epic big surf days that surfers dream of here on the North Shore of Kauai.  All the big-wave surfers were out!  There were crowds on hand watching and cheering all morning and afternoon.  Laird Hamilton and others were getting towed-in to the really, really big waves breaking way out on King’s Reef.  There were several more tow-in surfers having what has to have been incredible rides on big, long waves breaking at Futures.


The very distant photos are of King’s Reef.  King’s Reef is really far out there!  The pictures were taken with a powerful telephoto lens and you can still barely make out the surfers.

Princeville-Vacations.Futures Princeville-Vacations.St.Regis.Lookout Princeville-Vacations.Tow-in.Futures.Hanalei Princeville-Vacations.Tow-in.Futures.Hawaii Princeville-Vacations.Tow-in.Futures

The more detailed pictures are also far outside Hanalei Bay at Futures.  Waves were between 25-35 feet high today.  Strong surf advisory to say the least! Lifeguards have caution tape across all beach paths warning visitors.  Do not get in the water today unless you are being towed out to surf big waves!  Come check out the action!  The sun is shining and the skies are gorgeous Hawaiian blue.  Aloha!