A Weekend in Kauai, Explore and Unwind: Part 1

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KauaiAnyone would love to have the relaxed leisure of an extended stay in Kauai, with as much time as one could image, to visit every nook of the lush island.  As the oldest of Hawaii’s main islands, Kauai has myriad natural and cultural treasures to offer every visitor.  With the realities of a demanding modern life, a briefer vacation may be more realistic for most of us.  A shorter stay on the garden isle may mean a more selective itinerary, though whatever island attractions you choose to enjoy, you are sure to have an experience filled with the aloha spirit and memories for a lifetime.  At Princeville Vacations, we have come up with a three-day weekend itinerary to help you make the most of your Kauai vacation.  This itinerary, for a Friday arrival and Sunday departure, is packed with activities for the energetic adventurer in you, as well as time to unwind and absorb the local culture.  Stay for a weekend and let the thrills of Kauai arouse your passion for life.  Enjoy the island’s peaceful tranquility, and let the serenity of Kauai bring balance to your life or reignite your romantic flame.

Remember that while adventuring around Kauai, you will most likely want a car to get you from place to place.  There is a local bus system on the island, which can help with some of your island travels, though it does not stop at resorts.  Plan ahead and reserve a rental car to help you to have the freedom to enjoy the many treasures of Kauai on your own schedule.

When you first arrive in Kauai, you will probably be a bit tired from the flight.  Having traveled from afar, your internal clock will need to do some readjusting.  One way to help your body to become familiar with the local time is to get outside and enjoy the tropical sun.  (Remember to apply your sunscreen!)  Once you have arrived at your rental home, on Friday afternoon, make yourself comfortable and spread out.  Many of the rental homes we offer at Princeville Vacations are located within easy walking distance to at least one of Kauai’s breathtaking beaches.  With many of our properties also offering beach toys, a fun trip to the beach is an easy way to introduce yourself to the splendor of Kauai while also helping your body to readjust to the local time.  A quick stroll to the beach and a leisurely dip in the water are also healthy ways to get your blood flowing and to rejuvenate you after the long plane flight.

Once you have had a chance to unwind at the beach and get cleaned up at your rental home, you will want to fill up on some delicious Hawaiian cuisine.  Head to the South Shore, for exceptional ocean views, while you indulge in delicacies, which will delight your taste buds.  The Beach House restaurant, in Koloa, is the ideal place to enjoy a sunset dinner, or a bit of lighter fare, appetizers and drinks.  Offering amazing views and wonderful food, you will definitely want to make reservations at The Beach House, to be sure you can be seated.

After a lovely meal on the water, head over to Hanapepe Town for Friday Night Art Night.  With the signature look of an old American Wild West town, Hanapepe offers a unique look into the history of Kauai’s multicultural past.  During this weekly event, you are welcomed into the community, with the opportunity to meet local artists and gallery owners.  Enjoy festive music, amazing food, and the perfect island ambiance.  You can admire the various works of art in the galleries, and even pick up some smaller gifts for friends back home, at one of the craft vendor stands set up for the evening.  Friday Night Art Night runs from 5PM to 9PM on Hanapepe Road.