Kauai vs Oahu

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A bit about Oahu:

Oahu is home to Hawaii’s capital and the famous Waikiki beach. Additionally, Oahu remains the only island with a formal palace, Diamond Head. Known for world-class fishing, Oahu holds the annual Hawaii Fishing and Seafood Festival at Pier 38, which is considered the epicenter of Honolulu’s fishing village. Oahu’s North Shore is famous for surfing, although you may want to leave it to the professionals. Oahu is also known for housing Hawaii’s best shopping.

• In 2011, Oahu had 4,397,935 visitors as opposed to Kauai’s 1,015,264 visitors, as reported by Hawaii Tourism. Oahu received the most visitors of all of the Hawaiian Islands. If you are looking for less of a tourist destination, Kauai is definitely a better choice.
• The nickname of Oahu is “The Gathering Place”.
• Oahu is the most industrial island, with Honolulu as its major city of commerce.
• Oahu is the most populated island with 953,207 residents and a total area of 596.7 square miles, making it the most densely populated island in the Hawaiian archipelago. Kauai’s total population is 66.921 and total area of 552.3 square miles, which is slightly smaller than Oahu.
• Pearl Harbor is in Oahu, where visitors can view five historic sites that provide a beautiful monument.


Oahu Kauai
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Our blog called Fun Facts about Kauai has tons of information about Kauai and what it is well known for. A few excerpts from the blog follow. The Hawaiian Islands are the Earth’s most isolated land parcels, sitting 2400 miles away from the nearest continent of North America or other Polynesian Islands. Kauai Coffee is the largest coffee plantation in the United States.

Because Oahu has a high population, the commerce is also very abundant. While Oahu is not known for being as big of a tourist attraction as Kauai, Oahu does feature the beautiful weather, beaches, restaurants and nightlife Hawaii has to offer. The large population and influx of tourists makes this a busy island, so if you are looking for a quiet experience, Kauai is a much better option for your vacation. North Shore Oahu is known for massive waves and holding surfing competitions, although the general advisement is to stay out of the water unless you are a professional. Kauai has great surf spots for beginners as well as experienced surfers. Check out this blog called Hee Nalu (surfing) on Kauai for the best surfing spots around the island.

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