Kauai vs. Maui

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A bit about Maui:

Maui is considered a spontaneous island because it offers both the relaxing experience as well as an active experience both during the day as well as an active night life. Offering world-class golf courses, stretching beaches, five star restaurants and resorts, as well as a bustling night life, Maui is an all-encompassing island with activities for everyone.


  • Data from 2011 Hawaii tourism reveals that 2,166,028 traveled to Maui vs. 1,015,264 Kauai visitors. Maui more than doubled the amount of visitors compared with Kauai, and is known as more of a tourist destination.
  • The nickname of Maui is “The Valley Isle”.
  • Total population on Maui is 144,444 and the total area is 727.2 square miles. The Garden Isle of Kauai has a smaller local population of 66,921 and total area of 552.3 square miles.
  • Maui is continually voted “the best” island by travelers in various magazines
  • The eastern side of the island is the windward side, where you will find more lush topography and the famous road to Hana
  • Maui is the second largest island and tourists are attracted to luxury beaches as well as small town restuarant experiences


Overall, the temperatures are relatively similar and displayed by month below. Note that some of the best temperatures on both islands are out of “peak season.”

Maui Kauai
January Hi: 80Low: 63 Hi: 78Low: 65
February Hi: 81Low: 63 Hi: 78Low: 66
March Hi: 82Low: 65 Hi: 78Low: 67
April Hi: 82Low: 66 Hi: 79Low: 69
May Hi: 84Low: 67 Hi: 81Low: 70
June Hi: 86Low: 69 Hi: 83Low: 73
July Hi: 87Low: 71 Hi: 84Low: 74
August Hi: 88Low: 71 Hi: 85Low: 74
September Hi: 88Low: 70 Hi: 85Low: 74
October Hi: 87Low: 69 Hi: 84Low: 73
November Hi: 84Low: 68 Hi: 81Low: 71
December Hi: 82Low: 65 Hi: 79Low: 68


Kauai has many interesting facts, which can be found in our blog called Fun Facts about Kauai. Some excerpts include, Kauai has been featured in more than 70 films and television shows, including 1967 King Kong, Soul Surfer, opening credits of MASH, Tropic Thunder, Jurassic Park and more! Additionally, Holo Holo Koloa Scenic Byway is a state scenic byway that runs for 19 miles and connects many of Kauai’s cultural and historic sites including the Maluhia Road (Tree Tunnel), Puhi (Spouting Horn), The National Tropical Botanical Gardens, and the Salt Beds.

Overall, Kauai and Maui are beautiful destinations with gorgeous blue water and Hawaiian culture. Maui is known as more of a tourist destination, offering a greater selection of nightlife and restaurants. With this greater selection comes an influx of more tourists. If you are looking for more of a private island experience, Kauai offers beautiful hikes to quiet beaches, where you may not see anyone the entire time! Additionally, Kauai maintains world-class restaurants, spas and golf courses, as well as fun tours like zip-lining through the jungle. Kauai offers the best of both worlds…excellent accommodations set on the beautiful Garden Isle.

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