Kauai Vacation Rentals

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Travelling to Kauai is like travelling to a new world- The Garden Isle, so aptly dubbed, is a combination of luscious green plants, sweeping sandy beaches, cliffs, canyons, and everything in between. We specialize in the most beautiful area on the island-the North Shore and specifically Princeville. Our luxurious condominiums and homes are beautifully decorated and cared for so you have the best experience. Feel like you are in a relaxing in a luxurious home away from home by staying in a Princeville Vacation Rental property. We have dozens of condominiums and homes to fit all of your needs, whether you have a large family, you want to travel on a budget; you want decadent luxury, or a bit of all three.

We’ll outline the best reasons to choose a vacation rental as well as how to select the perfect location and rental for your dream vacation. Kauai vacation rental homes are a spectacular way to spend your vacation!

Why choose a vacation rental over a hotel?

There are several advantages to choosing a Kauai vacation rental over a resort. A home or condominium offers you more livable space than a typical hotel room.

  • Many vacation rentals offer multiple rooms and sleep more people than a hotel room, making it a more affordable option for large families vacationing together.
  • Vacation rentals offer full functioning and fully stocked kitchens, which is a huge convenience, especially if you love cooking, have special dietary needs, or if you are looking to save a bit of money by eating in for a few meals.
  • Many vacation rentals have a washer/dryer, which is a great convenience!
  • Privacy, privacy, privacy!
  • Kauai vacation home rentals have conveniences like beach towels, pool toys, wireless internet, entertainment systems and more!
  • Incredible views! Generally, you pay more for a hotel room with a view, however, many of our rentals have stunning views and private lanai’s to enjoy those views.

How to choose the perfect Kauai vacation rental:

At Princeville Vacations, we have expertise in all of our properties and can help you narrow down the best fit for your vacation. We are happy to recommend not only rentals, but restaurants, activities, and more!

  • Prioritize your list of amenities-most properties, like hotels, have fantastic features, but may not have every amenity you want in your price range. Make a list so you can narrow down your selection to a property that caters to the majority of your list.
  • Location is everything! Choose a location that is a perfect central location for your planned activities. Whether you plan on golfing, snorkeling, heading to the spa, indulging in world-class foods, or shopping, we have homes and condominiums all over Princeville that will fit your needs perfectly.
  • Kauai vacation home rental vs condominium rental: A home rental will be more private and each home has its own list of amenities. Generally, a condominium will have amenities like a community pool and possibly a fitness center; however, you will probably be sharing walls with other visitors to the island. Privacy and price will be your two determining factors.

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